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Hypersomnolence Disorder

Akachimere Uzosike, David Neubauer, M.D.
Hypersomnolence Disorder is a topic covered in the Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Guide.

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  • Hypersomnolence disorder is characterized by repeated excessive sleepiness after at least seven hours of a main sleep period.
    • In other words, repeated excessive sleepiness despite getting at least seven hours of sleep.
  • Individuals with hypersomnolence and cataplexy are diagnosed with narcolepsy, as are hypersomnolent patients with specific sleep testing results.
  • Hypersomnolence disorder is classified under the Sleep-Wake Disorders section of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5)[1].
    • The DSM-5 specifies that the excessive sleepiness should occur multiple times per week over a course of months and be accompanied by significant distress or impairment[1].

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Last updated: October 17, 2014


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