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  • Aerobic, motile, oxidase-positive, non-fermenting, gram-negative rod, 0.5-0.8 μm X 1.5-3 μm.
  • Ubiquitous, isolated from soil, water, plants, and animals--including humans (i.e., moist sites such as perineum, axillae, and ears).
  • Thrives in moist environments of the hospital (e.g., respiratory equipment, disinfectants, sinks, mops, food) and the community (e.g., swimming pools, hot-tubs, contact lens solutions).
  • Drug resistance is common, multi-drug resistance increasingly common, and based on permeability changes of the outer membrane, efflux pumps, chromosomal and inducible beta-lactamases, and acquired genes and plasmid-mediated ESBLs.

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Last updated: May 2, 2015