Antiretroviral Therapy: Treatment-Experienced Patients


  • Use of ART in pts with hx of virologic failure on previous regimen(s).[7]
    • Virologic suppression: confirmed viral load (VL) below lower limit of detection (LLOD) of assay.
    • Virologic failure: inability to achieve or maintain VL < 200 copies/ml.
      • Incomplete virologic response: two consecutive VL > 200 c/ml after 6 months on ART without documented viral suppression.
      • Rebound: confirmed VL above the level of detection (>20 or >50 c/mL) after achievement of viral suppression.
    • Low-level viremia: confirmed VL detectable above LLOD and < 200 c/ml.
    • Immunologic failure: failure to achieve and maintain adequate CD4 increase despite viral suppression.

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Last updated: March 7, 2020