Nutrition: Popular Diets in Diabetes

Marci Laudenslager, M.D., Kimberly Gudzune, M.D., M.P.H.


  • Weight loss remains an important consideration for individuals with diabetes, as those who achieve greater weight loss through lifestyle changes also have greater improvements in hemoglobin A1c and reduced need for diabetes medications.[30]
  • The benefits of weight loss may be especially important for adults with diabetes who are early in the disease process.
  • Different diets have been promoted over the years – many remaining popular for only short periods of time. These approaches may differ with respect to weight loss, improvement in glycemic control, and reduction in cardiovascular risk factors among individuals with diabetes.
  • Some popular diets restrict calories, while others reduce caloric intake indirectly by limiting a specific macronutrient (e.g., fat, carbohydrates) or through the use of meal replacements.

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Last updated: January 8, 2022