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Dermatologic Manifestations of Diabetes

Mimi Huizinga, M.D.
Dermatologic Manifestations of Diabetes is a topic covered in the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide.

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  • Dermatologic manifestations of diabetes are common and come in numerous forms [9].
  • Skin findings may help diagnosis diabetes (e.g. acanthosis nigricans) or reflect long-term complications of diabetes (e.g. necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum [NLD]).
  • The dermatologic manifestations may be due to deposition of advanced glycosylation end-products (AGEs), infectious etiologies, autoimmune conditions, or related to pharmacological therapy for diabetes (i.e. insulin).
  • Often, skin manifestations reflect other co-existing conditions such as dyslipidemia.

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Last updated: June 16, 2011