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  • Surgical removal of all or part of an extremity - leg, foot, toe, arm or finger, or other outgrowth of the body.
  • Minor lower extremity amputation (LEA): toe(s), ray(s), transmetatarsal and mid-foot amputation.
  • Major lower extremity amputation (LEA): below-knee-transtibial amputation (BKA) of the lower leg distal to the tibial tuberosity; above-knee-amputation (AKA) of the leg through the femur (supracondylar, midthigh or high thigh).
  • Guillotine amputation: an open amputation for uncontrolled pedal sepsis, through a circular incision down bone, allowing for quick removal of septic focus and direct examination of muscle compartments for extension of infection.
  • Auto-amputation: Dry gangrene allowed to demarcate and proceed to amputation without surgical intervention.

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Last updated: December 14, 2015