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  • Protozoan species, genus Entamoeba.
    • E. histolytica is morphologically similar to E. dispar, E. moshkovskii, and E. bangladeshi.
  • Mature cysts ingested, excystation occurs in the distal ileum. Motile trophozoites are released and migrate to the large intestine. Both trophozoites and cysts are excreted in stool.
    • Infecting dose is fewer than 10 cysts. [4]
  • Cysts found in contaminated water or food.
    • Occurs primarily in developing countries, also seen in immigrants from and travelers to endemic areas and those with oral-anal or oral-fecal contact.
    • Cysts remain viable outside host in water, soil, and sewage for wks or mos.

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Last updated: March 24, 2015