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  • Non-enveloped double-stranded DNA virus.
    • There are 7 human species (A-G) and >60 types.[14]
    • Recent outbreaks linked to types 4, 7, and 14.[9]
  • Easily transmitted: aerosolized droplet, fecal-oral, waterborne, fomites and instruments.[6]
  • Persists in environment, may remain infectious at room temperature up to 3 wks.
  • Stable at low pH, resistant to gastric and biliary secretions.
    • Replicates to high viral load in gut. Can be asymptomatically shed.
    • Detection in stool often precedes detection in blood, GI tract may serve as reservoir for reactivation.[12]
    • Few serotypes, i.e., subgroup C, can induce latent infection in lymphoepithelial tissue.[1]

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Last updated: June 5, 2019