Updates in Diabetes Care from Johns Hopkins Medicine

Released November 18, 2022

Updates in Diabetes Care from Johns Hopkins Medicine

This webinar covers the latest updates in clinical guidelines for diabetes management including the use of newer glucose-lowering drugs for cardiovascular disease prevention, biosimilar and interchangeable insulins, and cutting edge technologies including continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.

Topics Covered:

  • The use of newer glucose lowering medications to reduce cardiovascular risk
  • Insights on newer insulins including biosimilars and interchangeables
  • New technologies now on the market including continuous glucose monitor devices and insulin pumps
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Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide: https://www.hopkinsguides.com​

Unbound Medicine: https://www.unboundmedicine.com

About the Presenter

Rita Rastogi Kalyani, MD, MHS, FACP

Rita Rastogi Kalyani, MD, MHS, FACP, is an associate professor of medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr Kalyani is an active clinician and sees patients regularly in the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Diabetes Center. She is a clinician scientist focused on the development of diabetes complications, particularly in high-risk populations. Dr. Kalyani has served on the editorial boards of several diabetes journals including Diabetes Care. She is a past chair of the American Diabetes Association’s Professional Practice Committee, which is responsible for the annual clinical guidelines position statement, "ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes" and also served on the Endocrine Society’s Clinical Guidelines Committee. She is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Johns Hopkins Diabetes POC-IT Guide. Dr. Kalyani has developed international programs for diabetes care in the Caribbean, Middle East, and Asia.

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