Algorithms for Screening and Management of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Daphne H. Knicely, M.D., Mark D. Corriere, M.D., Donna Myers, M.D.


  • Diabetic nephropathy (DN) of diabetic kidney disease is one of the most common microvascular complications of diabetes occurring in 20-40% of patients with diabetes.
  • ≤ 12% of patients with type 1 diabetes have evidence of kidney disease by 7 years.[2]
  • 25% of patients with type 2 diabetes have evidence of kidney disease by 10 years.[2]
  • A family history of parental hypertension is a risk factor for developing DN.[6]
  • Screening to identify DN and initial treatment is commonly performed by primary care providers and endocrinologists.[7]
  • Appropriate and timely referral of patients to a nephrologist is important to ensure high-level care.[7]

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Last updated: September 13, 2018