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    Full-length sequence analysis of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) virus, a mutant of measles virus, isolated from brain tissues of a patient shortly after onset of SSPE.


    Hotta H, Nihei K, Abe Y, et al. 


    Microbiol Immunol 2006; 50(7) :525-34.


    Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) virus, a measles virus (MeV) mutant, was isolated from brain tissues of a patient shortly after the clinical onset, and the entire viral genome was sequenced. The virus, named SSPE-Kobe-1, formed syncytia on B95a and Vero/SLAM cells without producing cell-free infectious virus particles, which is characteristic of SSPE virus. Phylogenetic analysis classified SSPE-Kobe-1 into genotype D3. When compared with an MeV field isolate of the same genotype (Ich-B strain), SSPE-Kobe-1 exhibited mutation rates of 0.8-1.6% at the nucleotide level in each of the proteincoding regions of the viral genome. It is noteworthy that the mutation rate of the M gene (1.2%) of SSPE-Kobe-1 was considerably lower than for other SSPE virus strains reported so far, but that the majority of the mutations (75%) were the uridine-to-cytidine biased hypermutation characteristic of the SSPE virus M gene. At the amino acid level, the viral proteins, such as N, P, C, V, M, F, H and L proteins, had point-mutations on 3, 7, 1, 4, 3, 9, 8 and 14 residues, respectively, compared with the Ich-B strain. In addition, the F and H proteins had mutated C-termini due to single-point mutations near or at the stop codons. Two of the three mutations in the M protein were Leu-to-Pro mutations, which are likely to affect the conformation and, therefore, the function of the protein. Because of the relatively small number of mutations, SSPE-Kobe-1 would be a useful tool to study genetic evolution of SSPE virus.


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